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Two-Sign solution witha the small invisible tactile plaque and a large-print visual plaque
Hand holding up a clear invisible braille sign

Are you a sign maker who loves to design signs?


Have you stayed away from the lucrative business of ADA signs because

     1)     You’re not sure you understand the codes and

     2)     ADA signs seem boring and there ’s no design potential.


Then we have some good news for you!


You can now design signs with almost no rules to tie you down and still provide the best ADA signs on the market. By best, we mean signs blind people can actually read! Besides that, you can provide these signs for your clients at a price that is reasonable and based on your own designs and production. You don't need to spend one minute thinking about the braille and raised characters on the signs because that part will be taken care of by the top expert in ADA signs, the ADA Sign Lady.

ADA/InvisiTouch™ -  The Difference is Clear!

tested and recommended by scores of blind people –(read testimonials here)– and all you have to do is give us the sign text that matches your visual companion sign.

Yes, it is true –– the best kept secret in the sign design world! Since 2010

there has been no visual requirement for raised characters and braille. No contrast or non-glare finishes are required! They can be virtually invisible

and separated from the visual text. It gives you a ton of design freedom for the visual sign, since it is not tied to the strict rules for touch reading.

Welcome to design freedom! And welcome to the lucrative business of

ADA signs!

Contact Us to see how we can help with your next project.

Or start shopping for standard ADA/InvisiTouch™ sign plaques.

Design Example A
Design Example A
Design Example B
Design Example B
Design Example C
Design Example C
Design Example D
Design Example D

I’m sure you are curious. What happened to those braille signs? They are still there with the same strict rules, but they can be separate from the visual companion sign you will design and make. We will make the “read by touch only” sign for you, featuring our ADA/InvisiTouch™ font  —

These are custom projects from our design department. Give us your tactile text and design your own companion visual signs, or our designers can design custom visual signs for your project.

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