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photo of fingers reading rounded sample letters
photo of rounded sample letters on a background

We set out to create a tactile font that reads as effortlessly as braille by emulating the profile of the braille dots themselves. We mailed out dozens of sets of our ADA/InvisiTouch font samplers and this is what some of you had to say about them:

“This is going to be great for people who are

blind or visually impaired to independently

socialize, travel, and receive information”

“My husband and I, both totally blind, are very

impressed. The letters are sharp and clear but

not over-sized. My husband has a little numb-

ness in his fingers and can read it easily. We

look forward to this on signage everywhere!”

“None of the features that can annoy me

about tactile signage was there.”

ADA/InvisiTouch™ -  Testimonials from Tactile Readers

“The quality of print I've encountered on most

signs in more recent years (ironically I might

say, since the ADA) would be almost useless to

me. Reading your font helps to reinforce in my

mind what each letter and number looks like

and how to properly identify and write them.”

“This was my first exposure to this font and I

am very impressed. The letters are very crisp

and easy to feel. I feel that these signs would

be very easy to read by touch if they were dis-

played outside doors on my college campus.”

"Every tactile sign in the nation should be using this font!"

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