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blank wall with open dark doorway

Imagine a World without Signs...

Inside a building with no stars to steer by, no trees to blaze with distinctive marks, how would you find your way? Where every destination is reached through an identical door, how do you know when you have reached it?

Go through the door to the world of H.Toji and Company and discover how accessible, beautiful,  ADA compliant sign systems guide every visitor safely and efficiently to their final destination.

Keep scrolling! Come on inside and see our latest products and ideas....

Are you a sign maker who loves to design signs ?


Have you stayed away from the lucrative business of ADA signs because

      1) you’re not sure you understand all the codes and

      2) ADA signs seem boring and there is no design potential?


Then we have some good news for you!

transparent tactile sign held up to the light

Do your clients want graffiti and vandal resistant ADA signs?


Many have tried and most have failed. Graffiti proof ADA signage and signs that withstand deliberate vandalism remain elusive. Defaced and vandalised signs no longer comply with the ADA. That means one thing:  removal and replacement.


Until now!

vandalized boys restroom wall sign

Are you managing a public facility?  

Are surfaces, hardware and signs subjected to frequent, rigorous cleaning? Are you stuck with signs where raised graphics literally melt away from all this cleaning and disinfecting?


We have a solution for you!

women wearing a mask cleaning a tactile sign with a cloth rag

Plan check or building inspection coming up?


Are you worried about not passing and delays in your schedule?


To get it right the first time, put us on your team as Sign Consultant right from the get-go. We are the experts not

just for the ADA, but other code sections as well.

woman in a hard hat and clipboard inspecting the interior of a building
transparent tactile sign held up to the light

Every H Toji Project follows our ABC guide: Accessible, Beautiful, Compliant. Our clients come to us because we are the experts. Our goal and theirs is a sign system that works for everyone.

H.Toji and Company ADA Sign Products manufactures the finest quality, most code compliant braille and code signage found anywhere on the web. Standard and custom signs. Toji, ADA, braille, ISA, restroom, exit, route, room, devices, wayfinding, identification, parking, sign, signs, signage, 10400, 101400, code, compliance, disabilities, accessibility, wheelchair, blind, deaf, California, federal, fire, egress, emergency, refuge, men, women, boys, girls, area