Cast Metal Letters
Cast Metal Plaques
Vinyl Graphics
Evacuation Maps

Mels Diner at Universal Studios Hollywood

This classic 50's diner experience just received a complete gut & remodel, with high-end finishes. Materials include embossed stainless steel, Avonite, Corian, custom glass tile and of course lots of brand signage. There are 12 interior LED fixtures including a 5 ft x 8 ft logo, 2 exterior LED cabinets, 7 Avonite logo panels w/ custom stainless steel trim, 6 station numbers and matching code signage, including our in-house fabricated braille signs where required.

Project Sum: $52k - Project Duration: 3 months - Completed: March 2016


Pomona Valley Transfer Station

This brand new recycling facility serves both private DIY haulers as well as commercial recycling fleets. To accomodate the volume of traffic and the multitude of trucks of different sizes and classifications coming, weighing in, dumping, weighign out and leaving created a very complex and unique traffic problem which was solved with a virtual forest of post & panel signage, traffic signals & striping. The project also included an administration building and a maintenance facility.

Project Sum: $150k - Project Duration: 12 months - Completed: June 2015


CSEA Monument Gets a Face Lift

This crumbling stucco over CMU structure was in bad shape. After 10 years in the California sun it was in dire need of an overhaul.
Due to the concerns of the owners about recent vandalism in this neighborhood, H.Toji designed this monolithic HDU solution.
All raised graphics and text was milled out of a solid piece of 20lbs 1.5" HDU on our 4'x8' Vision CNC Router.
Both panels are bolted directly to the existing structure, which also got a new matching paint job.

H.Toji Completes Project at CSU Bakersfield's New Visual Arts Center & Satellite Central Plant

The entire signage package for two brand new buildings on the CSUB campus consists of one 6'x4' double sided breakform monument sign, a 9'x3' building ID panel, a dozen parking and traffic control signs and an interior ADA sign program based on H.Toji's own designs.

Project Sum: $20k - Project Duration: 3 months - Completed: April 2014


Lennox Library & Constituent Services Center Project Just Completed by H. Toji and Company

Providing all signage for both the construction project (exteriors, parking, life/safety & ADA code signage) and the subsequent library interior project, H.Toji has become a go-to sign company for the Los Angeles County Public Library department for basic signage needs as well as implementation of their proprietary sign program.

Projects Sum: $54k - Project Duration: 12 months - Completed: April 2014

Exciting New Product Lines from Our Sister Company, ADA Sign Products:

The Most Durable ADA Sign in the Industry

New acrylic thermoforming technology has made it possible to create braille & tactile signs that are literally monolithic yet optically clear to allow for subsurface paint and graphics.
This is truly the most vandal resistant sign in the industry!

The One-Piece Sign Dilemma
Previous attempts at one-piece (or monolithic) ADA signs all had one major drawback. The raised characters and the background had to be painted on the surface (or foil-stamped, printed, rolled or dipped).
Even if the sign itself would withstand major abuse, the paint layers could easily be compromised with keys, knives even fingernails, rendering the sign soon unreadable.

Magnesium is highly reactive with water and is prone to pitting once scratches in the paint layer expose bare metal. Photopolymer is extremely susceptible to moisture and will literally turn into a gel-like substance when exposed to water. Some sandcarved signs are prone to delamination due to prolonged moisture, temperature and UV exposure.

The Solution
The ADA/PermaSign™ process eliminates all these concerns with the breakthrough introduction of thermoformed acrylic signs with reverse applied weatherproof graphics. Digital printing gives the process unlimited possibilities in terms of colors, patterns or photo backgrounds, while the thermoforming process can create custom textures, bevels, 3D sculpted elements and much more.

More durable than:

  • Photopolymer
  • Etched Magnesium or Zinc
  • Die-Cast Aluminum
  • Sandcarved Phenolic Resin

Subsurface graphic options:

  • Vinyl text and background paint
  • Digital print on adhesive vinyl
  • Direct printing to the substrate
    with a flatbed printer.

image of perma sign


The Most Liberating ADA Sign in the Industry

Tired of ADA signage regulations stifling your creativity?
Do you have a beautifully designed sign system that lacks braille?
Do you fear that full compliance requires ugly cookie-cutter signage?

The ADA Sign Design Dilemma
The signage section of the ADA code seems to put extremely limiting requirements on the design of a compliant sign, especially when you look at braille & tactile signs that also serve a visual function. The fact is, visual and tactile requirements are covered separately in the code. For that reason, the ADA allows for much more flexibility than one would expect at first glance.

Visual sign elements can be as large as you want, the choice of fonts and capitilization is much greater than for tactile fonts. Whereas the tactile portion of the sign can be virtually invisible, very small and can have any finish you like (such as glossy, metallic, even mirrored)

The ADA/InvisiTouch™ products allow designers to take full advantage of the code separation of visual and tactile sign elements. The required tactile characters and braille are virtually invisible, yet perfectly readable by touch. The InvisiTouch section can be completely separate, or part of a unified design.

  • Retrofit pre-ADA signs
  • Create ADA sign designs with fewer restrictions
  • Alternative to cookie-cutter signage systems
  • Granite, metallic & wood- grain finishes, and many colors.