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• Standard ADA Pictograms and Symbols
   (EPS Vector Pack)

These files are in EPS format, a vector-based graphics format that should be useable by almost any software.
Note: To use these files, it may be necessary to use "Import" or "Place" instead of "Open." See your software's documentation for details.

Pack Includes:

International Symbol of Accessibility International Symbol of Accessibility (SEGD version)
International Symbol for Hearing Loss Cleaner Air symbol
TDD (TTY) Telephone Volume-Control Telephone
Female & Male Pictograms (We recommend these pictograms for female/male restrooms because they are easier to tell apart than the standard "DOT" pictograms.)



• Fully Compliant Sign Drawing Set
- tactile signs (exits, room IDs, floor IDs, restroom signs etc.)
- fire/safety signs (staircode IDs, max-occ, evacuation plans etc.)
- ADA informational/directional signs (path-of-travel signage, assistive listening system, entrance signage etc.)




Paid Downloads


• CA-Compliant Braille Fonts Pack: $50.00
TrueType Cross-platform Compatible Font, Template etc.