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H. Toji and Company is a complete, non-electrical sign company. Custom accessible architectural signage is our specialty. Our Braille and tactile signs are made in-house by our sister company ADA Sign Products.

Our History
Founded in 1954 by Hitoshi Toji as Crenshaw Signs in Los Angeles, CA the company soon gained a reputation for attention to detail and their custom hand-painted signage. Early clients included such Los Angeles institutions as the Beverly Hills and Sheraton Townhouse Hotels.
In the late 70's Sharon Toji joined the ranks of the now renamed H.Toji and Company and the team incorporated under Tosharon, inc.Now including a full service printing division, H.Toji started to focus on custom designs and comprehensive graphics solutions.

During the development of the Americans with Disabilities Act (or ADA) accessibility guidelines in the early 90's, Sharon Toji became heavily involved in research of the new laws and how they would apply to the design and manufacturing of a completely new kind of signage: the accessible sign and specifically the tactile sign.

After the publication of one of her articles on the ADA in Sign Business Magazine, she became the go-to expert on the new rules, and formed Access Communications. A huge influence was the support of Hanley Bloom, founder of ASI signs, who did R&D for his own ADA embossed sign method at H. Toji's headquarters. Eventually, H. Toji and Company completed their own research on equipment and the best materials and techniques, and started to manufacture ADA signs in house.

After a long history of manufacturing signs by the RasterĀ® method, the Tojis were able to purchase specially made thermoforming equipment to make true one-piece tactile signs, and formed a production company within the H. Toji family of companies, ADA Sign Products.

Our Philosophy
We believe that the ADA was passed to bring all our citizens and residents the opportunity to be an active part of our communities, including civic, social and commercial life. Signs and other forms of communication are integral to the access to buildings, facilities, and the services offered within them, so it's important for them to be accessible to a broad group of people of varied abilities.

If signs adhere to the letter of the standards, but can't actually be easily read visually or by touch, they do not serve their purpose, the money spent has been wasted, and the promise of the ADA has not been fulfilled. Therefore, H. Toji and Company and the entire family of H. Toji Companies is dedicated to not only following the letter of the law, but exploring ways to make signs more usable by everyone. That means consulting with people who access information in different ways, finding out what works for them, and conveying that to designers and owners who order our signs.

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